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Approximately 30 Civil Air Patrol cadets, ages 12-18, from Clackamas, Washington, Multnomah and Marion Counties attend Aurora Squadron's weekly meetings for training and activities that focus on youth leadership.

Our cadets receive structured training with materials derived directly from the United States Air Force, Military Academies, and Air Ground Schools. This program provides learning opportunities in a safe, challenging, and real-life environment. Skills are developed in teamwork, public speaking, improved study habits, organization, and task completion. Exercise is encouraged through physical training. In addition, we stress the value of America’s military, and the importance of its air-power and science programs, through our aerospace education classes.

Our ultimate goal in training these youth is to shape them into our nation’s future leaders. We desire to see them become functioning members of society utilizing themselves to their full potential. Please join us in this valuable endeavor.

If you are not familiar with Civil Air Patrol and this is your first contact with us, please take a moment to visit the About CAP section of the website.

Orientation Rides


Civil Air Patrol cadets have the opportunity to take Orientation Rides (O-Rides) in CAP aircraft, including Cessna 172s, 182s and gliders.

We have O-Rides on a regular basis throughout the year as weather permits.

Color Guard

Aurora Squadron has a Color Guard team that participates in July 4th, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day parades around the Portland area.

Participation on the team is open to all cadets in the Squadron.

See the Photo section to see pictures of previous events.


Iwo Jima Flag Raising Ceremony

Saturday, February 18, Canby


The Aurora Color Guard participated in the ceremony to commemorate the 1945 raising of the flag on Iwo Jima at the Canby Adult Center.  Cadet Reed and his family joined us as well.



Basic Marksmanship Encampment

Twice a year we participate in the Basic Marksmanship Encampment (BME) hosted by the Lewis County Squadron in Centralia, WA.

This is an official NRA Junior Division program that enables cadets to fire and qualify with .22 caliber rifles.

The next BME will take place in May, 2017.



Aurora Composite StellarXplorers selected as STLX03 finalists

Oregon Wing is proud to announce the selection of Aurora Composite Squadron's team as a finalist in the Air Force Association's StellarXplorers National High School  Space Competition.

After three qualifying rounds, Aurora's Africanized Killer Bees(AKB) scored enough points to place 4th overall.

The all expense paid event, held in Colorado Springs, CO, will take place from April 5th through the 9th. The top ten teams will also tour the Air Force Academy and the United Launch Alliance, and attend  the 33rd Annual Space Symposium.

The competition will occur on Friday, the 7th. The teams will be sequestered for 8 hours. In that time they will be presented with a problem which can be solved by either placing a satellite into a specific orbit, designing a satellite with a specific capability or launching a satellite on a specific launch vehicle. They must select the best launch vehicle, decide which satellites will accomplish the mission, protect the satellites, stay within the weight constraints and stay under  budget. They must also calculate the correct launch window and take into account postponements due to bad weather. Postponements tend to drain the budget.

There is an academic quiz, which must be completed in one hour.

Finally, they must present their solution to the judges using a team created powerpoint presentation.

Team AKB is made up of Annapolis bound C/Capt Simon Chuang,  C/SrA Douglas Clayton, C/A1c Jarek Jellison, and C/SrA Rhett Miller. Adult supervisors are Capt Marc Minato, Maj Rick Koon, 2Lt Peter Mann, and Maj Carl Knox.

The AKBs are the only CAP team in the finals this year.

We wish to especially thank David F. Waggoner and Willamette Aviation Service, LLC, Mentor Graphics and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Northwest for their generous support.  It is greatly appreciated.


For more about StellarXplorers click here


Visitor Information

You are invited to visit our meetings on Tuesday evenings.  Our members will show you around and answer any questions.

There is no military service obligation for joining Civil Air Patrol as a Cadet or Senior Member.

Uniform of the Day

Uniform of the day (UOD) for this month's meetings:
July 25: PT

August 1: BDUs/ABUs
August 8: Blues
August 15: BDUs/ABUs
August 22: PT
August 29:Civies

Effective immediately, all members of Aurora Composite Squadron are authorized to purchase and wear the  Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). We have been unable to secure used uniforms.

The wearing of this uniform is optional, not mandatory. The Battle Dress Uniforms we currently wear are still authorized. We have more of them. You may continue to wear them until June 2021.

The ABU items are available at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Aloha Surplus, US Tactical Supply in Albany,  and through Vanguard at

The regulations on what is needed to wear this uniform can be found here:

Of particular importance are the cover(hat), undershirt, belt, and dark blue name tapes, which must also be purchased. Please read this document before purchasing the new uniform.

Any questions you have should be directed to our Supply Officer, LtCol Boyd,, or me.

Squadron Staff

  • Capt Marc Minato
    Squadron Commander
  • Lt Col J Boyd
    Deputy Commander for Cadets, Communications
  • Maj R Koon
    Deputy Commander for Seniors
  • Maj C Knox
    Testing Officer, Character Development Instructor
  • Lt Col D Richards
    Professional Dev Officer
  • Col T Kyle
    Aerospace Education Officer
  • Capt D Rosenberg
    Safety Officer
  • Maj M Rosenberg
    Drug Demand Officer
  • Lt Col I Rosenberg
    Personnel Officer
  • 1st Lt P Proffitt
    Administrative Officer,
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • 2d Lt P Mann
    Transportation Officer
  • 2d Lt C M Verkest
    Emergency Services Officer, Health Services Officer
  • 2d Lt H A Miller
    Finance Officer
  • C/Maj Proffitt
    Cadet Commander

Members in the News

Aurora's Cadet Chuang to be inducted at USNA today


C/Maj Simon J Chuang, Aurora Composite Squadron will be inducted, as a plebe,  at the US Naval Academy, today.


Cadet Chuang, a member for 3.5 years, was a valuable asset to his squadron, wing and region. He served as the squadron’s cadet commander and various leadership positions at multiple encampments, NCO and Great Start schools, Oregon Wing and Pacific Region CAC, StellarXplorers and Cyberpatriot. He is the recipient of both an Achievement and Commander’s Commendation award. He was, also, named Air Force Sergeants Association Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year.


C/Maj Chuang is an excellent example of the very best of the cadet corps. CAP is very proud to have been a part of his successes.


The swearing-in ceremony will take place at 6:00pm eastern(3 pacific). It can be viewed at this link:


The event begins at 5pm(2 pacific).

Cadet Chuang, Wilsonville Spokesman, November 09, 2016

Cadet Chuang, Wilsonville Spokesman, August 11, 2016

Cadets Irving and Parker, Tigard Tualatin Sherwood Times, January 15, 2016

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Cadet Color Guard, Portland Tribune, June 05, 2014

Cadets Proffitt & Parker, Oregon Pilots Assocation's Propwash, November, 2013

Cadets Irving & Minato, Wilsonville Spokesman, August 14, 2013

Upcoming Events

Wilsonville Fun in the Park, 10:00 - 17:00, August 5, Wilsonville Town Center Park.  The Color Guard will post the colors for the opening of the event, and Cadet Magsarili will sing the National Anthem.  We will also staff a flight simulator booth for event goers to enjoy during the day.

Glider Orientation Rides, September 2-3, Prineville, OR.  Maj Ireson’s announcement follows.  Quick action on your part is necessary to get a spot.

I am happy to confirm that we will be able to hold a glider O-ride weekend again this year. The earlier uncertainty regarding the availability of gliders has been resolved, and we will again have two gliders and other powered aircraft for O-rides on Labor Day weekend, at Prineville airport. Flights will take place on Saturday and Sunday, Sept 2 and 3.

We expect that we will again be able to camp out in the Prineville EAA hangar as in the past, and that the EAA chapter will provide breakfasts and lunches for a nominal cost. For cadets planning on glider rides, there will be a $20 participation fee to offset organizational expenses.

Participation will be limited in order for everyone attending to have the ability to take one glider ride each day they  are present. If you want to register, contact Capt. Jerry Campbell now, at morancampbell@msn.comwith your name, CAPID, squadron, weight, and dates attending. If you have questions, contact Capt Campbell at the email above or at 775-247-3442. More detailed information will be provided in the near future.

Oregon Wing Conference, September 29 - October 1, Florence, OR.

Note: Use this link to sign up for Oregon Wing Notices.  


The July 2017 issue of CyberSentinel is available.  

The August 2017 issue of Air Force Magazine is available.   

The June 2017 Safety Beacon is available.

CAP’s 2016 Report to Congress.





Meeting Schedule

18:00 Staff Arrives
18:30 Opening Ceremony
19:00 Activities
        - Classes
        - Drill
        - Testing
        - Teamwork
        - Physical Training
        - Promotion Board
21:00 Closing Ceremony



Aurora Squadron has a team of cadets competing in the CyberPatriot Competition. 

CyberPatriot is the premier national high school cyber defense competition created by the Air Force Association to inspire high school students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future.

Aurora's CyberPatriot team won 1st place in Oregon in the All Service Division State Round for CyberPartriot VI (2013),  and CyberPatriot VII (2014).  For CyberPatriot VIII (2015), Aurora added a second team, and won 1st and 2nd place in Oregon.   In addition, Aurora placed third in the  CyberPatriot VI West Regional Recognition Round.

Aurora's two CyberPatriot teams competed in Qualification Round 2 of the CyberPatriot competition last weekend.  Scores from this round are expected next week.  The State Round is scheduled for January 14.